Foire aux questions

How much does it cost?

90 minute Escape Rooms $37 each - 2 - 3 players
$34 each - 4 - 5 players
$32 each - 6 - 8 players 90 minute Escape Quest $50 each - 2 players $40 each - 3 - 8 players

Do I need to book?

Yes…although if you are passing by, you are welcome to pop in and see if we have a space for you. Go onto our booking system and select the room you want to play and the time you want to start.

How long in advance can we book?

You can book 6 months in advance. It is especially a good idea if you are planning this as your Xmas corporate event.

Can children participate?

Yes children of all ages are welcome in all of the rooms as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult. All children under 5 are free to enter. However under 15s should be accompanied by a paying adult.

Can I cancel or reschedule after I have booked?

You can change or cancel a booking up to 24 hours before your scheduled time slot with a full refund. Any cancellations within 24 hours of the booked time will not receive a refund.

Will we really be locked in the room?

No. You will not be physically locked in a room. If you have to get out in case of an emergency you can open the door. However if you open the door for any other reason, your time will stop and the game will be over.

Is there an age limit?

Anyone can play!

Where can I park?

We have a huge public car park right across the street from us. On-street parking is free after 3pm weekdays and free all weekends and on public holidays.

Where are you located?

75 Elizabeth Street, just down from the Cinema and part of the Spark/Lifetime building.

How early should we arrive for our game?

You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time, allowing sufficient time for us to brief your team before your game starts.

What happens if I am late?

That’s ok but you may not have the full 90 minutes to escape from your room if there is another booking after you.

What should we bring with us?

Good attitude, open mind and an empty bladder.

How long do we need?

Allow 1 hour 45 minutes for each experience.

What happens if we don’t escape in time?

That’s ok. You will still have loads of fun trying!

Are there different levels of difficulty?

Each room is very different using different technology and puzzles. Therefore the level of difficulty does not change, the rooms do. Try them all.

Can I play another game straight after?

Yes, while your brain is thinking at high speed, why not do another!

What happens if we get stuck on a puzzle?

Each room will have a way to communicate to the control room so that you can ask for a clue. Your clues will guide you but will not tell you how to solve them.

Are the rooms different?

Each room has a very different theme with different puzzles and technology. No two rooms are alike…so you should try them all!

Do we need to speak English?

A basic understanding of the English language would help.

Can I store my belongings somewhere while I play?

There are secure lockers that you can put your belongings. No cell phones are allowed into the room so they will definitely be locked away for an hour.

Is it scary?

Each room is decorated to a particular theme. There is no scaring or people jumping out at you.

Can I play if I am pregnant or have a disability?

Yes, there is nothing in the rooms that will put you in any danger. We have a back entrance with no stairs for disabled access or prams. Just call in advance so we can let you in.

I have claustrophobia- Can I still play?

You are not actually locked in the room so if you really need to get out you can.

Do you do private bookings or functions?

Definitely yes. Talk to us about what you need and we will accommodate.